Monday, September 13, 2010

In the begining there was me... and some stuff I bought to re-finish.

I have embarked on my first refinishing project. A little about me.. I am a 20- something year old girl that is discovering many new things about life. In a way, just starting to live. I want to share my new love for re-finishing things for my home, and my experiences in trying new things.

At this particular moment, I am on a learning journey about refinishing things. from re-upholstering, to painting, maybe a little electric work... who knows. When I get an idea, I will do a little research, ask around and get to it. I want this blog to be a bit of a "how to" with some personal touches added for fun.

I currently live in an adorable rented cottage, so no major remodeling will be occuring... but I am in love with all things Hollywood Glamour and luxurious. Crystal, mirrored furniture, laquered pieces, silk, sheers, etc. I love it all and am slowly creating my own glamourous space, piece by piece.

My first project is this lovely bench...
THE BENCH. (sorry for the poor quality pic, this was pre-camera)

More to come later...

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