About Me

A little about me.. I am a 20- something year old girl that is discovering many new things about life. Born in Argentina, raised in Florida...In a way, just starting to live. I want to share my new love for re-finishing things for my home, and my experiences in trying new things.
At this particular moment, I am on a learning journey about refinishing things. from re-upholstering, to painting, maybe a little electric work... who knows. When I get an idea, I will do a little research, ask around and get to it. I want this blog to be a bit of a "how to" with some personal touches added for fun.
I currently live in an adorable rented cottage, so no major remodeling will be occuring... but I am in love with all things Hollywood Glamour and luxurious. Crystal, mirrored furniture, laquered pieces, silk, sheers, etc. I love it all and am slowly creating my own glamourous space, piece by piece.
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